Feb 202011

“Arise, let us go from here” (John 14:31 ).
Daydreaming about something in order to do it properly is right, but daydreaming about it when we should bedoing it is wrong. In this passage, after having said these wonderful things to His disciples, we might haveexpected our Lord to tell them to go away and meditate over them all. But Jesus never allowed idledaydreaming. When our purpose is to seek God and to discover His will for us, daydreaming is right andacceptable. But when our inclination is to spend time daydreaming over what we have already been told to do,it is unacceptable and God’s blessing is never on it. God will take the initiative against this kind of daydreamingby prodding us to action. His instructions to us will be along the lines of this: “Don’t sit or stand there, just go!”
If we are quietly waiting before God after He has said to us, “Come aside by yourselves …” then that ismeditation before Him to seek His will (Mark 6:31 ). Beware, however, of giving in to mere daydreaming onceGod has spoken. Allow Him to be the source of all your dreams, joys, and delights, and be careful to go andobey what He has said. If you are in love with someone, you don’t sit and daydream about that person all thetime—you go and do something for him. That is what Jesus Christ expects us to do. Daydreaming after Godhas spoken is an indication that we do not trust Him.

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